Accidently put coolant in power steering pump

Accidentally Put Coolant in Power Steering Pump

If you poured coolant into the power steering of the car. So many unthinkable processes have happened. The mixing of the power steering fluid and coolant of the car makes the vehicle’s power steering system miserable. I will explain what happens if you accidentally put coolant in the power steering system of a car. And also describe how to fix this problem. So let’s start with the topic.

Coolant is predominantly water, so if you pour this water into a vehicle’s power steering, it causes corrosion and potential damage to critical components and decreases the power steering performance. If you sense the problem on time, stop the vehicle, check and reset the steering system, and refill the pump with fresh power steering fluid.

Consequences of Pouring the Coolant in the Power Steering System:

If you accidentally pour coolant into a vehicle’s steering system, you will face some difficulties with your vehicle. So I elaborate on the main consequences of the power steering system. These consequences are as follows:

1. Corrosion and Damage to the steering system:

Coolant does not originate from the power steering system of vehicles. However, when coolant accidentally mixes with the power steering system. It gives rise to many potential damages like corrosion and damage to critical components like hoses, seals, and valves. So it decreases the main functionality of your car’s power system. It causes failure in the steering system.

Corrosion and Damage to the steering system

2. Decrease the Performance of the Power Steering System:

Coolant can not provide the lubrication and the required hydraulic characteristics to the vehicle’s power steering. When coolant enters the steering system, it destroys the glassy flow of the power steering fluid, which can cause decreased reactivity. After that, you need a lot of force to turn the wheel.

3. Contamination of Fluid:

Suppose coolant is mixed with the fluid of the power steering. It causes contamination of the fluid. Because contaminated fluid cannot do proper functionality, lubrication, and assistance to the hydraulic system, it can easily decrease the lifespan of a power steering system.

Contamination of Fluid

4. Costly to Repair the System:

If coolant destroys the power system of the steering, it would be costly to repair because this repairing system includes replacing the damaged components and flushing the whole power of the steering system of the vehicle. You can’t repair it from the local market. It requires professional assistance to repair the system again.

How to Fix This Problem When Accidentally Putting Coolant in the Power Steering System:

Periodically we analyze the consequences of pouring the coolant in the power steering system. Now I will elaborate on how to fix this problem step by step. These steps are the following:

1. Stop the Vehicle When You Observe the Problem:

When You realize coolant has entered the power steering system, turn off the engine and stop the vehicle. If you persistently drive the vehicle, it creates more problems in the system and increases expenses for repair.

2. After Stopping the Vehicle, Flushing the Steering System:

First, flush out the whole power steering system when you stop the vehicle. It eliminates the coolant. When you flush out the system, it drains the previous fluid and replaces the fluid with fresh, strong power steering fluid.

Flushing the Steering System

3. Inspection of the Components of the Power Steering System:

When you flush out the vehicle, inspecting all components of the power steering system is mandatory. When you inspect the components, it checks out any detectable error or damage issues of corrosion. It checks out the hoses, power steering pump, and seals. If any system component shows an error, they may need to replace it immediately.

4. Repair or Replacement of Components:

When you inspect the components of the power steering system, if any component shows an error, repair it. When the component shows an error after repair, replace the damaged components with new ones.

5. Analyze the System and Fluid:

When you repair or replace the damaged components, power the steering system exhaustively to ensure the system’s proper functioning. It checks out any leakage in the power steering system or ensures the fluid of the power steering system is at an accurate level.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1- Describe the Signs When Coolant Enters the Power Steering System.

When coolant enters the power steering system, some major signs can be absorbed, such as the milky appearance of the power steering fluid, and a sweet smell from the pump, as well as reducing the performance of the power steering system.

Q2- How Much Time Does the System Require to Flush Out the Coolant?

The span of the flushing process mainly depends on the coverage of contamination. But generally takes a few hours to thoroughly flush out all the systems.

Q3- How Can I Intercept Coolant Mix-Ups With Other Fluids?

Firstly, analyze the reservoirs of fluid accurately. You should be attentive during maintenance tasks and repeatedly check fluid types before pouring. So these tricks can help prevent coolant mix-ups with other fluids.

Q4- Is It Secure to Drive the Vehicle After Flushing Out the Whole Power Steering System?

You can drive the vehicle if you flush out the power steering system completely. It would be safe.


If you accidentally put coolant in the power steering system, it creates a severe problem for the power steering system. It includes corrosion, decreased system performance, increased repair expenses, and damage to other components. Therefore you should take immediate action, such as stopping the vehicle when you observe the problem, flushing out the whole system, and repairing or replacing damaged components.

Follow these tricks for the system’s proper functioning so your power steering system will soon recover from this problem and work powerfully. I elaborated on the whole vehicle recovery process in simple and easy ways. After reading this article, I hope you will resolve your problem as soon as possible.

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