Gas is pouring out of spark plug hole

Gas Is Pouring Out of the Spark Plug Hole – 4 Advance Reasons

If you have experience, driving a car for years, you have faced many issues with your car. But some engine issues need serious attention. One of them is gas pouring out of a spark plug. Make a detailed analysis of the exact reason for this problem and resolve it as soon as possible.

Gas is pouring out of the spark plug hole due to a damaged spark plug, faulty fuel injector, stuck float/needle, and seat in the carburetor. Due to the gas pouring out of the spark plug, you cannot ignite your engine. Follow some steps to solve this problem and make your car perfect to drive.

Common 4 Reasons Why Fuel is Coming Out of the Spark Plug Hole:

To protect your engine from the damages caused by such issues, it is necessary to know the exact reasons. That is what causes the gas to pour out of the spark plug. Understand these reasons carefully, because you cannot repair it without inspecting that specific issue. Let us examine the causes in detail.

1. Damaged Spark Plug:

Are you confused about why your spark plugs are wet with gas? The one reason may be your damaged spark plug. A damaged spark plug is most likely to have cracks or gaps. That can allow the mixture of gas and oil to escape from such cracks. The most important thing is that the spark plug cannot produce ignition due to the escape of gases. And you will not be able to start your car.

Damage spark plug

2. Broken Piston Ring:

The gas mustn’t move from the combustion ring. So the piston ring is used to seal the combustion chamber. If there is any damage in the piston ring, the gas flows out of the combustion chamber and on the spark plug. This makes the spark plug flood with gas and affects its functioning.

3. Improper Functioning of Carburetor – Don’t Miss!!

The carburetor functions with the help of a float and needle. When the engine becomes full of gas, the float pushes the needle into the seat to stop more gas from flowing into the engine. If the float or the needle doesn’t work properly, the engine becomes overloaded with gas.

Faulty carburetor

Gas finds the weak part to move out. If your spark plug is loose or cracked, the gas flows out. Check your carburetor carefully because it is the most famous cause of overflow.

4. Defective Fuel Injector:

There should be a specific fuel spray pattern for proper functioning and combustion. The fuel injector controls that. The overpressure or other fault in the fuel injector also causes gas to come out of the spark plug hole.

defective fuel injector

How to Fix Gas Pouring Out of Spark Plug Hole:

First, you have to inspect why your spark plug is flooded with gas or fluid. Then go toward the solutions to the problem—let’s discuss which step you can take to remove pouring fluid from the plug hole.

  • If you find that your any crack in the spark plug, then go and replace the spark plug.
  • But if there is any issue with the piston, you can also repair it. But changing the damaged part with a new one is most recommended.
  • One of the most common reasons that usually occurs with many cars is an issue with the carburetor. In this situation, clean your carburetor; if not fixed, replace it.
  • The fuel injector problem is mostly fixed by cleaning. Because the dust or grease in the fuel injector affects its function most of the time, it will work properly after cleaning.

People Also Asked For:

Q1. What Are the Symptoms of Gas Pouring Out of a Spark Plug Hole?

A. Symptoms of gas pouring out of the spark plug hole:
Engine misfires
Poor fuel efficiency
Rough idling
Engine hesitation
Engine stall

Q2. How Long Can I Drive My Car if Gas Is Pouring Out of the Spark Plug?

A. Driving a car with a flowing spark plug can damage your spark plug very badly. So, it is not recommended to drive your car in this situation.

Q3. Is Gas Normally Coming Out of the Spark Plug Hole During an Oil Change?

A. No, it is not normal for gas to come out of the spark plug during an oil change. If you face this situation, it is a sign of a problem with the engine’s fuel or ignition system and should be inspected by a professional mechanic.


A spark plug is an important part of the car engine. Any damage to the spark plug can cause your engine to stall. So, try to resolve the problem before it causes heavy damage.

Check your carburetor, engine pump, piston ring, or head gasket if gas is pouring out from the spark plug. When you find the wrongdoer, fix it with your professional mechanic.

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