Why Does My Spark Plug Wire Keep Popping Out?

Why Does My Spark Plug Wire Keep Popping Out?

Are you driving smoothly, and suddenly you feel that your car’s engine is misfiring or has no ignition? And when you find out the problem, you are surprised to see that your spark plug wire is popping out.

Before solving this problem, it is important to find the exact reasons. According to my experience in the automotive field, spark plugs pop out if they are not tightened properly. On the other hand, accumulation of dust and rust in spark plugs and high air pressure in spark plug air pockets due to broken valves may also be the culprit.

Damage Spark Plug Wires

To solve the problem, tighten your spark plug connections strongly or clean the plug by putting some grease on it. Or if popping is due to air pressure, pinch the air pocket or rubber cover and allow it to release the extra air pressure. Here we will deeply discuss all the reasons and fixes related to the spark plug popping out.

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The popping out of spark plug wires has a very diverse effect on the car engine. So, it is necessary to fix the problem by identifying it. Let’s discuss the reasons and solutions in detail:

1. Loose Spark Plug Wires:

When the wire is loose, it can easily slip out of the spark plug or ignition coil. Generally, the spark plug generates a lot of heat. This heat melts the loose spark plug wires. So the engine has no ignition, and you cannot drive your car.

The best solution to this problem is to tighten the wires according to the recommended guidelines for that car.

Loose Spark Plug Wires

2. Accumulation of Air in the Air Packet of the Spark Plug:

If air accumulates in the air packet or rubber cover, it reduces the car engine’s performance. And causes the spark plug to pop out, there will be no ignition in the engine. Removing the extra air pressure from the rubber cover is important to make the spark plug work properly.

Pinch the rubber cover with the help of a sharp pin and allow the accumulated air to escape from it. Then reinstall the spark plug and tighten the wire connections. Applying this method lets you keep your spark plug wires from popping out.

3. Dirt or Rust in Spark Plug:

Dirt or rust in the spark plug reduces its performance and causes the wires to pop out. It is necessary to check the spark plug regularly to prevent such types of issues. First, remove the dust from the spark plug with the help of a smooth brush. Moreover, if the spark plug is badly damaged, you must replace it to prevent it from popping off.

Dirt or Rust in Spark Plug

4. Overheating of a Car Engine:

Due to ignition in the engine, it usually heats up. But the engine’s overheating causes the spark plug wires to melt. So, these melted wires cannot properly transfer the electric current and make the spark plug pop.

In this situation, you must replace your spark plug wires with new ones, as melted wires cannot be used further.

5. Faulty Plug Size:

Using a faulty plug not according to your recommended size can cause your spark plug wires to pop off. The smaller or larger size from the exact size cannot fit in its place.so, there is no ignition, and ultimately, your engine will still go down.

Whenever you change a spark plug, choose the exact size of the plug to prevent your spark plug wires from popping off.

Different Sizes of Spark Plug


1. How to Remove Spark Plug Wires From Spark Plugs?

Whenever you are going to remove the spark plug wires from the plug or distributor cap, first loosen the wires by twisting the boot. Then remove it gently, to avoid the sudden jerk that can destroy the wires.

2. Can You Replace Just One Spark Plug Wire?

Yes, if only one spark plug wire has an issue, you can replace that one. But sometimes, according to the spark plug situation, it is recommended to change the whole set.

3. Can I Change My Pop-Out Spark Plug Wires Myself?

Yes, of course, you can change the popping-out spark plug wires in your own garage. Spark plug wires can be easily removed by hand, but you can also use needle-nose spark plug pliers to remove the spark plug wires.

4. Can You Run Your Car With Damaged Spark Plug Wires?

Driving a car with damaged spark plug wires badly affects your spark plug, and ultimately it can cause severe damage to the engine. So, if you feel the air popping out of the spark plug, stop driving and solve the problem first.


Popping off spark plug wires is a common problem faced by most drivers and car owners on a daily basis. This problem is mainly due to loose spark plug wires, accumulation of air in spark plug tubes, overheating of a car engine, and faulty plug size.

To prevent this problem, check your spark plug wires regularly. try to find the exact problem and fix it as soon as possible because any damage to the spark plug can affect your engine.

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