Are wooden wheel cribs safe?

Are Wooden Wheel Cribs Safe? – Pros Cons and Alternatives

Whenever you feel that the use of something is wrong in any place, you should move to change that thing. Here I am talking about your jack strands. Are you insecure about using jack strands and looking for some safe alternatives? Then the option of wooden wheel cribs is best for you.

But doubted whether are wooden wheel cribs safe. Then you don’t have to worry. The experts recommend that if you use wheel cribs of good quality, there is no threat to your car. So, you can say that using wooden wheel cribs is safe as well as cheap to buy.

But before buying these cribs, you should know what these wooden wheel cribs are and how to use them for different purposes. Let’s come and get the answer to every question related to wooden wheel cribs to easily lift your car.

What Are Wooden Wheel Cribs?

The name of wood cribbing also known as wooden wheel cribs. They are used to jack up your vehicle by supporting it underneath the tires or wheels. Hence, this creates more space under the car for the mechanic to creep easily. and helps to repair your car, especially in the second half of your engine or any repair in the transmission.

what are wooden wheel cribs

Provides more space and safety as compared to Jack Sports. The car’s height can also be maintained, as wheel cribs of different heights are available on the market. Additionally, you can use these cribs for repairs and show your car in the showroom.

But as we know, everything cannot be perfect. The same rule is also applied to wood cribbing. So if you have any tire, suspension, or braking system issues, you must have to use a jack-up or some alternative method.

Advantages of Wooden Wheel Cribs:

The stability of the wheel cribs, also known as wheel chocks, depends on their wooden material. Before buying the wheel chocks, check the manual and choose the best product to jack up your car. The quality wooden wheel chocks can bear the size of around 1500 lbs.

The second and most important thing is providing more space beneath the car. So, the creeper can repair your car easily. Moreover, they are made up of steady material to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles. The wheel chocks are very lightweight, so they are easy to handle, and due to their durability, they can easily bear the high pressure of vehicles.

Safety Guidelines for Using Wooden Wheel Cribs:

Do you want to know how to get your car on wooden blocks? It is important to lift the car safely by using wheel cribs. Pace the wheel cribs on the flat floor near the car wheel. Then lift the car with the help of the floor jack as high as you want to lift your vehicle. Then place the wheel chocks under the wheel. Repeat the process for the other side as well.

Avoid working under the car while the lifting is under process. Start your work when the car becomes stable on the cribs. Hence when your car is in the cribs, it is easy to work with the transmission, exhaust, engine, etc. If you further want to know about the assembling, usage, or dimensions of wheel cribs read the experience of the expert on this forum.

Risks Associated With Wooden Wheel Cribs:

Serious accidents may occur if you don’t follow the proper guidelines for using wooden wheel cribs. Improper placement of cribs, poor construction, and inadequate size and weight capacity can cause severe damage. So, don’t compromise on quality and size while buying wheel cribs, as your car is more important.

Alternatives to Wooden Wheel Cribs:

If you are on the way and there is some problem with the car for which you need to lift your car, and you don’t have wheel cribs at that time, don’t panic in this situation because there are also many alternatives for wheel cribs that are mentioned below. Go and read these alternatives to solve your problem.

Jack Stand:

If you don’t find wheel cribs near your home, you don’t have to worry because you can also jack up your car with the help of a Jack Stand. This metal device helps you to lift your car at a specific height so you can work under your car safely. You can easily take it anywhere in your car, so it also helps you change your wheel whenever it gets punctured, which is impossible with wheel chocks.

jack stand


If you need some higher elevation that is not possible by the Jack stand, you can also use ramps to lift your car, an alternative to wheel cribs. It is mostly used for oil changes. But if you need to replace your tire, use Jack stands instead of ramps.

ramp to lift the car up

Scissor Jacks:

Another thing you find with your new vehicle is the scissor jack to jack up your car. Drivers or car owners mostly use a scissor jack to change the wheel as it is a simple device manually. You only have to put the Jack behind the car and rotate it to lift it.

scissor jack to lift the car up

People Also Asked For:

Q1. Are Wheel Cribs for Installing Header Possible?

Yes, it is possible to install a header using wheel cribs. When installing a header, it may be necessary to access certain areas that are difficult to reach when the car is on the ground. Wheel cribs can provide additional clearance and make it easier to access these areas.

Q2.Can I Use Wheel Cribs for Other Purposes Besides Working on My Car?

Yes, wheel cribs can be used for other purposes, such as leveling trailers, raising lawnmowers for maintenance, or even as a makeshift table for outdoor events.

Q3. Can I Use Wheel Cribs on Any Type of Vehicle?

Wheel cribs can be used on most types of vehicles, but choosing the appropriate weight capacity and height for your specific vehicle is important. Some cars, such as low-slung sports cars, may require special wheel cribs that accommodate their unique shape.


Yes, using wooden wheel cribs is safe and secure. These cribs hold your car up from the ground, shoe it in the showroom, and repair it easily. But never compromise on the quality, and size and follow proper guidelines to avoid accidents.

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