Should Wheel Spin Freely When Jacked Up AWD

Should Wheel Spin Freely When Jacked Up AWD

AWD vehicles becoming approved nowadays. Because it improves resistance and handling in various driving conditions. You know AWD system. It’s abbreviated as ( All wheel drive). In this system engine of the vehicle send power to all 4 wheels. It uses both front and rear wheels.

So here we discuss the wheel should spin freely when jacked up AWD. It depends on the AWD system of your vehicle. When you jacked up, your wheel should spin freely. If you stop the wheel in case of before stopping rotations of the wheel occur. The number of rotations depends on how hard you spin it.

In the case of wheel spin 2 main conditions occur. So I will elaborate on the main secret tricks of the wheel.

  • Your wheels spin freely when you are in neutral.
  • In another case, your wheel will spin in the reverse direction when you jack up.

Why the Wheel Doesn’t Spin Freely on AWD Vehicles:

If you are worried about why your wheel doesn’t spin freely. So don’t worry it’s not a big deal. I’ll tell you what’s actually going on with your wheel. The main problem is that in this case, your brakes are rubbing.

If you lift up the front of the bike so grab your head near the brake and quietly spin the wheel so you must not hear any crash sound from the brakes. If you do that then your brakes are rubbing so firstly fix your problem.

Why do Back and Front Wheels Not Spin Freely When You Jacked Up?

This process occurs in rare cases, the back wheel spin freely. But I’ll describe to you the main reason with a solution. Due to shaft drive and oil in the drive back wheel will not at all spin freely.

If you notice a burning smell coming from the vehicle. This smell is produced by the friction of the tire against the ground. So pull over the wheel and check the condition. Because it can cause a major problem.

In most cases, we can see the front wheel not spinning freely. If you are facing this problem so don’t worry in this article I’ll describe to you in short and easy words why the front wheel does not spin freely.

If your brakes work fine and nothing anything else is rubbing inside. Keep in mind if brakes are not fine adjusted they could be rubbing because the wheel is not in the straight position. so firstly check wheel is properly adjusted.

When your brakes work easily So crack the wheel from the bike and try to spin the axle. If your axle does not spin freely so its means there’s extreme pressure on the bearings.

If Your Wheels Spin Freely Do All 4 Tires Spin in AWD?

Here we discuss how AWD spins all 4 tires.
If you have a full-time AWD system so it distributes power to 4 wheels. Secondly, if you have a part-time AWD system so it will not send equal power to 4 wheels so because of this wheel does not spin freely.

AWD and 4WD send power to all your 4 wheels. In most cases, AWD and 4WD sending not equal power to all 4 wheels. There are separate functions for AWD and 4WD. So I’ll elaborate on you:

  • In most cases, AWD systems send excellent power to front wheels( Fremont wheel-biased).
  • However, the 4WD system sends power to the rear ones(rear-wheel biased).


In this article we discuss should tire spin freely when you are jacked up. So in this case your wheel should spin freely. It mainly depends on the AWD system of your vehicle, Be careful in this case. Rotations of the vehicle occur if you first stop the wheels and then the vehicle. So be careful in driving the vehicle.

In another case, if your wheel doesn’t spin freely so we discussed the main problem is that your brakes are rubbing. So firstly fix the problem with your brakes. You should know about AWD and AWD systems. AWD systems send excellent power to the front wheels.

However, the 4WD system sends power to the rear ones. Now I’ll elaborate on all the topics with easy solutions. I hope you’ll get powerful knowledge from this topic and your all concepts related to wheel spins are cleared.

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