How to Get Tire Shine Off Car Paint

How to Get Tire Shine Off Car Paint – Top 7 Methods

You have made your tires shiny and glossy by using the tire shines. All your friends say. Oh, your tires are looking great. But simultaneously, you feel some tire shine spots on your car’s paint. And it makes your overall cars look dumpy. That’s not suitable for your personality.

So, you are here to solve this problem and make your car look charming. So don’t be worried. I will give some majestic tips to get the tire shine off car paint.

But before starting I want to share why tire shine is important for your tires. Many people have stopped using tire shine products to protect their cars from such spots. Don’t stop using these tire shine products because they are used for dressing tires.

They give your car a polished look and intensify its appearance. It comes in the form of sprays and aerosols that you can wipe or spray on it. It helps to prevent cracking and hardening of your tire. So-called recommended products are used.

Let’s deep dive into our main topic, for which you are waiting to make your car appealing because you have to save your car tire and the beauty of your car paint. You guys can achieve both goals by using these techniques and products.

Tire Shine Removal Products and Methods to Use on Car Paint:

How to remove tire shine from the side of car paint? Here are some products with different techniques that you can use for removing stains of tire shine on car paint, mainly caused by tire shine products.

1. Citrol – Cheapest Method:

Firstly, you can use citrol. You can easily purchase it from any auto body shop. It’s very cheap to use. It penetrates petroleum-based substances and easily dissolves them. So, it can easily remove tar, buds, grease, and paint transfer.

remove tire shine from car paint with citrol

2. Clay Bar – Most Recommended Method:

It’s one of the best-known methods and one of the strongest recommendations for car owners who have been in difficult situations and are worried about their vehicles. It can easily remove the contamination and dirt on your car’s paint caused by tire shine products. It can help find and restore the previous look of the vehicle without damaging the paint surface.

But be conscious of applying clay bars to the car’s paint. Before use, the clay bar makes sure your car’s panels are washed thoroughly. Firstly, clean the surface and apply it to the dry surface. Use clay lube in this process, and the clay bar carefully glides on the affected area to smoothly remove the contamination and dirt from the surface.

remove tire shine from car paint by clay bar

3. Swift wipe waterless wash spray:

We understand all your conditions. Sometimes you don’t have access to water, but you must remove the tire shine. Then using the Swift Wipe waterless wash spray is the best option.

Lightly spray on the affected area and smoothly wipe it off with a soft and clean microfiber cloth. After wiping the affected area, turn the microfiber inside out. So use the cleaning side again to buff off the same portion.

4. Rubbing Alcohol – Mostly Isopropyl Alcohol:

Don’t get confused with the name “rubbing alcohol”; it is simply ethanol alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. And one more piece of good news for you is that it is easily available in the market at very cheap rates. But never use rubbing alcohol in its pure form. Make a dilution of rubbing alcohol with water in 1:1 form.

This solution is pure in the spray bottle. Apply it to the strained part of the car and rub it with the help of a microfiber towel. Repeat this procedure 2 to 3 times, and your tire tread will be cleaned.

5. Dish Soap – Use Urgently When Your Tire Shine Is Not Dried:

You are lucky if your tire shine has not dried on your car paint and you identify it in time. Urgently apply dish soap with a cloth or microfiber and carefully scrub the affected area.

It will destroy and break down the grime, dirt, and oil. To prove it, it’s easy to use for removing stains from your car’s paint. It is easily available in the market for automobiles.

remove tire shine from car paint with dish washer

6. Vinegar and Water – Best Homemade Tire Shine Remover:

Using expensive methods not only helps clean your car paint. Besides this, some homemade remedies, such as vinegar and water solutions, can help you. Are you really interested to know how it works? Let’s see how you can do this.

Make a solution of water and vinegar by taking equal amounts of both. Dip a soft dishwasher, and apply it to the car sports. Clean the car carefully and apply the appropriate pressure to remove the stains. Rinse the area with clean tap water. and your stains will be removed. Now, take a drive without any hesitation.

7. Tar Remover – to Remove Stubborn Tire Shine From Car Paint:

Many experts share their personal experiences in different forums about removing the tire shine from car paint. Some are very inspired by the tar remover to clean the car paint.

But use the tar remover very carefully because it can damage your car paint if you apply it in the wrong way. Follow the procedure that I mentioned to remove the tire shine.

Take a tar remover on the clean cloth and rub it on the affected area in a circular motion. Then let the tar remover on the surface for a few minutes. After that, wash the car with clean water.

How to Prevent Tire Shine From Getting on Your Car Paint

  • Apply the tire shine carefully to protect the car paint from any strain.
  • You also have to use an appropriate applicator pad to prevent the sling of strings.
  • Try to use the tire shine that dries quickly. The more time it takes to dry, the more the chances of the product getting on your car paint.
  • Before applying tire shine, make sure your tires are clean and free of dirt and debris. This will reduce the risk of the product splattering onto your car’s paint.
  • One more majestic thing that secures your car paint is to apply the protective wax or sealant on the car paint before applying the tire shine.
preventive measures to apply tire shine

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can Tire Shine Damage Paint?

It depends totally on the composition of your tire shine. If your tire shine has some dangerous chemicals, such as silicone or some type of acid, then it can definitely damage your car paint.
Mainly decolorize your car paint. But if it doesn’t have chemicals, then you don’t have to worry. So read the tire shine ingredients carefully before use. And then take safety measures according to that. 

2. How Long Does It Take for Tire Shine to Wear Off?

In general, most tire shine products are designed to last for several days or weeks before wearing off.

3. Can I Use a Pressure Washer to Remove Tire Shine From Car Paint?

No, it is not recommended to use pressurized water to remove the tire shine. Because it will remove the tire shine along with the car paint. And you don’t want to decolorize your car.


You want to maintain your car’s look, so you don’t like any type of stain on your car paint. Or if, by chance, tire shine gets on your car, you can remove it easily with citrol, dishwasher, or clay bar. But if the strains are still there, you can use other methods such as rubbing alcohol, tar remover, or degreaser.

But follow the proper instructions before applying any product. As your safety and your car are very important. Apply the product to the small area of your car to check the results. If everything is fine, then continue the whole process of removing the strain. And I am sure you will remove the strain from any of these methods, as all these tips are professional recommendations.

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